HIPAA Training Made Easy!

HIPAA requires a large amount of staff training.

  • Annual HIPAA Awareness Training…
  • Initial HIPAA training for new hires…
  • Continuous Security Reminders…
  • HIPAA Training for visitors like: any students or training observations
  • Oh, and you need to be tracking all of this.

iMedical Training was born from these requirements.

Our goal is to Simplify Training, Simplify Tracking and make this one less thing YOU have to worry about.

iMedical Training provides:

  • Annual HIPAA Awareness Training…
  • Initial HIPAA Training…
  • HIPAA Security Official Training…
  • Home Office HIPAA Training…
  • Continuous Security Reminders…
  • More, more, more.

In addition to the training, iMedical tracks all of the training for you…

  • No more need for the Practice Manager to fumble around trying to figure out who has been trained.
  • No more shutting down the office for half a day to get everyone trained.
  • All training is accomplished online at the convenience of your staff.
  • All training is tracked.

…And…Even More:

  • Ongoing Phishing Awareness Training
  • Ongoing eMail Scam Awareness Training
  • Ongoing Social Media Meddling Awareness Training

What Next?

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